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           PET SITTING         

I want to ensure you that I have your health and safety top of mind as I have always had for your furry family members. The following new practices will be taking place as we move forward.

🐾 EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ALL LEASHES USED WILL BE MY OWN. The collars and gentle leaders that you have on your pets will be of your choosing but the leash that I will be using will now be supplied by myself and any associate I have assisting me in providing walking services.

🐾 HAND SANITIZER will be used directly before any entrance to your home.

🐾 Until more restrictions are lifted, should the services you require include touching pet supplies, dishes, litter box essentials, cupboards and drawers, MEDICAL GLOVES will be worn and disposed of after each individual appointment.

🐾 Until physical distancing rules are updated, any in person consultations or appointments where I will be in close contact to the members of your household will occur with me wearing a MASK. As well, should it be requested, any clients who are particularly vulnerable or at a higher risk of infection, that mask will be an N95.

My goal is to allow my clients to feel as confident using Amanda's Pet Sitting Services as they always have.​